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Practice with me.

Improving the experience of being in a body. Finding joy in that embodiment while uncovering patterns in our movements and our minds. Understanding our design. Getting areas of the body to move more in daily life. Moving simply, interestingly, functionally and intelligently. Learning to appreciate and trust what is going right instead of only knowing the body for what's gone wrong. Being flexible, not just in tissues but in the ability to see ourselves and change our minds. Not being so serious or fearful of moving, as if only an expert outside of us can decide what movement is safe. Feeling spirit or soul, or whatever you'd call it, as being in the here and now, not something we have to step over the body to get to. Joining others who are interested in climbing inside their own experiences and coming together in community. Exploring...not as a means of arriving at a destination but as a willingness to see the sights along the way. Knowing there is no being "done." 

(In fact, this description should change and evolve with time as well)

Ali Wesley

Private Sessions

via Zoom

I help movement teachers feel more confident, creative and inspired by clarifying their understanding of anatomy in motion and refining their pedagogical approach.

I offer doable, accessible practices for folks wanting to start a yoga/practice and for those experiencing chronic pain, even folks who have been told it will "never get better." 

My areas of specialty:


*Lower back/spine



*Grief, anxiety, insomnia

First session $90-$125 

Follow-up: $75-$100

Private Session

Embodied Anatomical Study

with Ali Wesley, Senior Faculty of the Franklin Method a part of your continuing education program.

See HERE for a list of courses I offer as taught at yoga studios, the Oregon School of Massage, Guide Dogs for the Blind and as a part of the Franklin Method Teacher Training.

Yoga at Home


I came to these sessions to deal with grief and depression and am using the practice we have developed to really be with these emotions and understand how they fit into the larger picture of my life. I appreciate Alison's compassion and patience and the wisdom she brings to her yoga practice.



Alison has helped me sleep better, move better and I feel as if I’m on the road to recovery. She teaches that we all have different body types and doesn’t try to fit you in to one mold but sets up something that works for you as an individual.



Alison is clear, calm and an utter inspiration to my teaching. She puts so much energy, care and creativity into her sessions and helps you experience the work, not just learn. Although she knows her stuff, she never makes you feel like she's the expert, but rather makes you feel like you're collaborating.  



As a physician, I have seen a great deal of benefit in her methods, which truly emphasize working with what one has, with no sense of a " one size fits all" approach. She tailors the yoga to my body and has enabled me to do my best. She is a treasure as a person and a teacher.



Alison Wesley


Zumba Level 1: 2021


Pilates Sports Center

Mat Pilates Teacher Training: 2020


Gil Hedley/Integral Anatomy 

10-day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Course: 2021

6-day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Course: 2018


Franklin Method – New York, NY – Faculty/Level Three Educator

Level 1 Training with focus on bones/ligaments: 2013 

Level 2 Training with focus on muscles/fascia: 2017 

Level 3 Training with focus on organs/nervous system: 2019


Bhakti Yoga – Portland, OR 

500 hour Yoga Teacher Continuing Education


Ananda Seva Mission – Santa Rosa, CA 

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Therapy Certification


Prananda Yoga – Portland, OR 

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training


Doug Keller Yoga – Portland , OR 

40 hour study


Potentials Yoga – Portland, OR

40 hour Yoga Sutra study


Bodhi Tree Language Center

Level 2 Sanskrit 

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