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The Franklin Method®

Using imagery, movement and anatomical insights, 

Improve what you do most often. 

Understand (and appreciate!) your design. 

Use your mind to influence change. 


A Franklin Method Dissection Experience
with Ali Wesley & Ann Teachworth

Two opportunities in 2023: 

July 8-13 or October 21-26

Institute for Anatomical Research, Colorado Springs, CO



Understanding the Pelvis
A Functional Approach to Yoga

by Eric Franklin and Alison Wesley

Available at Amazon and Human Kinetics.


Workshops over Zoom

Bring embodied, anatomical understanding to your program. See the list of possible workshops below, taught at organizations such as the Oregon School of Massage, the Portland Opera and the Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

What is the Franklin Method?

Along with being the one thing that helped me heal after a debilitating spinal injury, the Franklin Method uses the mind to influence real change in the body. As I like to say "we're in the business of improvement" and have tools to improve almost everything in life. It all starts with how we think. 

-Ali Wesley

Franklin Method Workshops with Ali Wesley

Dynamic Cueing for Yoga 

with Alison Wesley and Ann Teachworth

January 18th - 6pm Zurich time/replays available

Franklin Method at Oregon School of Massage

1-22-23: Adductors/Abductors of the Hip

2-4-23: Muscles of Head/Neck Movement

2-11-23: Bones/Joints of the Feet

2-25-23: Elbow Joint

Practice anytime with replays to past workshops:

Embodiment for the Office

Relaxed, fit and pain-free at work. Workplace wellness at its finest.

Master Your Voice

Activate your full, confident expression through the power of your anatomy. 

Franklin Method for Yoga

With emphasis on the pelvis. As part of the Embodied Yoga Summit 2021.


Courses/workshops I offer:

Franklin Method for Yoga

        with Emphasis on the Pelvis, Shoulders, Spine, Feet, Organs

        Balls and Bands for Yoga Asana

Art of Change - Power of Imagery

Happy Feet

Strong and Healthy Knees

Psoas - Activate Your Inner Core

Strong Core/Mobile Center

New Year, New Neck

Floating Bones/Shoulder Workshop

The Liberated Spine

Pelvic Power

Breathing for Life

Fascial Freedom

The Happiest of Hamstrings

Science of Sequencing

Balls and Bands Circuit Training

Franklin Method as Continuing Education/Electives for Massage Therapists

        Arthrokinematics of the: Spine, Knee/Ligaments, Shoulder, Pelvis, Foot, Neck

        Muscles of the: Spine, Hip Extensors/Flexors, Scapular Motion, Abdominals, Pelvic Floor

        Breathing and Organ Imagery

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