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The Back Care Program

Mindful, mobility-focused movement that blends yoga, Pilates, Franklin Method and functional movement. 

We not only work with movements we can miss in daily life, we get better at what we do most often (sitting, standing, transitioning, getting up and down off the floor, breathing).

Elderly man practicing yoga asana or sport exercise for legs and hands on chair.jpg


"Thank you a thousand times for your Back Care session. It did me a lot of good! Even the process of standing up and sitting  down became feasible today for the first time in weeks after your guidance. The pain is not unbearable right now and I feel hope."    _Arnie

"I feel so into my body and could do all of painfree because of your instruction and speed."    _Mary

"I can’t believe I’m here and how great I feel. It’s just the best thing that’s happened to me after a horrendous year of back issues."      -Angie 

"I have more ways to understand my body and new words to explain how I feel. I never thought I could do but it gets easier as you get stronger."      -Jim

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Back Care

At your facility, as a complement to your offerings.

Virtual or in-person classes for your clients.

 10 week program that can be repeated.

Replays available (if virtual).

Offer your hard-to-help patients hope!

No cost for your clinic. Health insurance subsidizes after an evaluation is completed by your providers.

Participants need:

a device/internet access

a chair

a blanket/towel

a wall

Senior woman sitting on a wooden chair, raising leg to stretch muscles and knees, Training
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